CEO Editorial

Dec 14 2016

It is with pride that I have accepted the role as Chief Executive Officer of the Victorian Taxi Association as previous VTA CEO of many years, David Samuel moves on to new challenges.

In a period of unprecedented change and uncertainty for the taxi industry in Victoria, so too is it time for regeneration and reflection at the VTA. After having spent close to four years already working for the betterment of the Victorian taxi industry, I and the Executive Council of the VTA recommit ourselves to vigorously represent the interests of the industry and try to provide leadership for the road ahead.

Let me leave you with no doubt as to our dedication to vigorously representing the interests of all taxi industry participants.

The VTA has been clear that the reforms announced in Victoria are by far the most progressive of any State or Territory in Australia and uniquely seek to address the true nature of the fundamental shift which has occurred in the provision of commercial passenger vehicle services in the past years.

However, I want to assure you that I am all too aware of the pain and anguish that the announced changes to licensing, most of all, have caused for so many, rippling through the community which surrounds our industry.  The short term decisions which have been made to facilitate the ‘transition’ to the new regulations have sharpened this pain. 

The VTA believes, and I believe, that this pain can only be mitigated by implementation of fair and sensible reform in a single piece of legislation which makes just provision for those that have invested in our industry in good faith whilst also offering certainty and equality for everyone involved in delivering taxi services.

Distress such as that which is being felt by many will only serve to fuel the rumours and tensions but it’s only with solidarity and coordination that we can hope to compel change.

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In September the VTA wished farewell to two of its staff members Georgia Halliday, Senior Advisor – Public Affairs and Alana Condon,  Industry Communications and Engagement Officer. 

After 5 years with the VTA, Georgia Halliday accepted a public affairs role with the Level Crossing Removal Authority.  Alana has taken a communications position with the Department of Treasury and Finance after 3.5 years with the VTA.

We would like to sincerely thank Georgia and Alana for all their hard work and contributions to the VTA and the industry more broadly. Their diligence and energy will be hard to replace and they will be sorely missed. We would like to congratulate them and wish them all the very best in the future.



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